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a bit about me:

As founder and CEO of BuzzTalent and BuzzMode , and BuzzCelebrity Helen leverages an understanding of the film and television industry.


Having built a widely accepted reputation as trustworthy, diligent, and entirely dedicated towards the success of her clients, Helen  has been a prominent fixture in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, and considers herself extremely fortunate for the success she's experienced in, as she states "the industry I love with clients I adore “

Made for the people by the people Helen's ability to maintain and cultivate major client relationships has not gone unnoticed and quickly made her a recognised name in the entertainment business.

Prior to starting her own company, Helen worked from the bottom up working in each part of the industry to understand and look at what could be improved in each sector and to think outside the box. By establishing close and trusted relationships with all levels of production staff - from producers, directors, researchers as well as understanding the ability and needs of her clients, Helen gained the eyes and ears of all parts of the industry.

Having both a strong sales and background, Helen was the first agency to connect and represent all actors of the industry with a mission statement of inclusion for everyone who wanted to pursue their dream of working in this much-loved industry. Everyone should be able to follow their dream to succeed.