Model agency owner Helen Georgio bets on technology during pandemic

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Accustomed to the spotlight her clients attract through her talent agencies based in the English capital, businesswoman Helen Georgio was not let down by the crisis of the new coronavirus. While many companies in the entertainment industry are still trying to find solutions to the problems posed by the pandemic, Helen says she has decided to bet on technology and the new form of public consumption.

-When the pandemic was declared, everyone panics which is understandable. But all this conflict and confusion has also brought opportunities for many companies and customers. We decided to bet on technology to keep our models working and not hinder the campaigns of many companies. We realized that small customers, artists and models were not sure what to do, so we started to specialize our services to better serve these people: that was the birth of Buzz Mode and Buzz Celebrities - explains Helen.

Both companies are taking close care of a range of more than 1,000 customers. In the service, made through a digital platform, the company Helen connects influencers with advertisers:

-Demand has doubled. Especially because in times of social networks, the pages of our models often act as channels of dissemination. And with the attention and guidance of our employees, everyone is reaching their goals. Our influencers are closing deals on a daily basis and the companies that hire us are increasingly interested in our services.