"The talent market is often looking for perfection.

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Founder of Buzz Talent, Helen is proud to have started with just 22 years in the industry and with work and dedication, she has conquered her space. "I already worked in a bank and opened my own business before entering the industry. And as I was always passionate about the arts, I realized that there was a lack of space for people who were not part of class A to show their talents and often their physical limitations prevented them. to have space in the market. " says Helen. After working in virtually every area of ​​a talent agency, Helen decided to start her own company and told herself that it would make a difference in the lives of every person she hired: "When I started, the market was limited. The artist or model had to have studied at the best British schools to have access to the media, which meant that many talented people were hidden. The market wanted physical perfection and I believe that if the person has talent, the rest can be managed easily. . " adds Helen. With thousands of customers distributed in the 5 companies that Helen has, the businesswoman does not want to stop here. "The music industry is our next step. We are proud of our network in the global media and by the end of the year, we will be working to achieve high mail flights." This new venture is already awaited by the European market, where Helen has established credibility through years of excellence in the field: "We have a long list of artists in the music field who want to be part of our agency. This brings me great joy since this is the result of the daily work we do to serve our customers.